Download SHAREit 3.6.88

SHAREitSHAREit is a premier application that is used to transfer various files such as pictures, videos, apps and other documents between SHAREit users. It works in windows, Android and iOS environment. It is available in 39+ Languages and is a free software. It faces stiff competition from rival apps such as xender, Zapya and superbeam but it still has been very successful over the years. It provides speed faster than Bluetooth or any other transfer mechanism. Besides you don’t need internet connection and is very simple to use. You will be able to share your best moments or your favorite music with your close ones uninterruptedly.


Features of SHAREit 3.6.88

Following are the features of this wonderful app SHAREit.

  • Transfers files faster than Bluetooth and doesn’t need any kind of Internet connection.
  • Very fast transfers.
  • Supports pressing and compressing of files which can be opened on choose file page.
  • Supports sending text files by taking photos.
  • No USB required.
  • Cross platform transferring can be done.
  • Can be connected to PC.
  • No limitations for transfer speed.
  • CLONEit available for this version. It replicates SMS, messages, videos, photos and other important information from the user’s old phone to the new phone. This can be done by installing SHAREit on your new phone .
  • Memory booster and battery saver.
  • Group is created for multiple transferring.
  • Available on all platforms.

How to download SHAREit 3.6.88?

To install this app, click the link below.

Download SHAREit


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