Download SHAREit 3.9.28

SHAREitHave you ever wondered that there would be an app which would not only transfer files in a faster mode but would also have online video watching features, news, social media? In short an application which is a full package of all the things that are required. SHAREit is such an application which has all the above-mentioned features. Not only does it provide high-speed file transfer but also a lot of features along with it.

Features of SHAREit 3.9.28

Some of the most unique features of the app are stated below.


  • SHAREit has the fastest mode of transferring files. It is a way lot faster than Bluetooth and even faster than many more file transferring apps.
  • One can transfer any kind of file through SHAREit. It can be files, documents, videos, songs and many more.
  • It allows you to share file on cross platforms. This feature lets you share files between android to pc or apple or vice versa.
  • It has no network restrictions, i.e. you won’t have to wait for a working internet or LAN etc.
  • It can be downloaded on any platform you want as we have already mentioned above it supports all platforms.

How to download SHAREit?

To download the app, you can click on the link below. SHAREit supports all kind of devices, unlike other
transferring apps which only supports android devices. Just download the app and install it in your preferred device to start sharing.

Download SHAREit



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