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SHAREitOur ways of sharing information across platforms have differed and changed by several degree and mediums to reach the state that it is today. We began exchanging detailed information on the basis of language through speech and then through the script. But with growing technologies and advances in mediums, words are not the only things we share. Today an average consumer goes through media that are sounds, pictures, videos and so many more. This rise in consumption of media calls for rise in a way to share it. This is where our modern mobile phones play a key role. With technologies that allow us to share information and media easily with one another, helping the ecosystem of media.SHAREit is an application that helps a user just that. It is an application designed for user to share data, media offline on one to one basis. The following are its features:


 Features of SHAREit 3.9.80

● The application claims to be the fastest mode of offline transfer with upto 200 times the speed of Bluetooth and even higher. The transfer speed can reach a staggering 20mb/s.
● All kinds of files are supported for transfer, that I'd photos, videos, apps and so much more.
● The application along with the transfer services offers a streaming platform for users, where they can access an unlimited number of movies all free of cost.
● The application being a media hub can also be used to find great new movies and music available. This allows for all the users’ media needs to be fulfilled at a single destination. The application is available on Android and iOS as well.

How to download SHAREit 3.9.80

Click here to download SHAREit.



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