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SHAREitWe often feel like to share apps with other friends because we find it interesting and we also want them to use it. Sometimes because the friend is not so techy and would end up creating a mess if he/she searches the app on the app store and sometimes because you just want to save their time of downloading and searching and of course plenty of internets. But have you realized that you don’t need to share the apps through Bluetooth always because the technology has become advanced and we can now use the apps for the same? Yes, We are talking about one such app named SHAREit which will let you share the apps, the songs, files, videos and such documents without using the internet. The speed you will see on this app of sharing file will be like 100 times faster than Bluetooth and just like Bluetooth, it is also an app where you can send the files and apps without using your internet. How? The app will create a hotspot between two devices and will share the apps through that. You just need to download the app and open it and press receive or send according to your activity. You can send anything without any money.


 Features of SHAREit 3.9.98

  • You can send any file to anyone.
  • It will work very fast.
  • You will save the net.
  • It has an easy and free interface.

How to download SHAREit 3.9.98

For downloading SHAREit, click on the link we are providing below.

Download SHAREit


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