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SHAREitSHAREit is a file transfer application. It allows the transfer of files from one device to another wirelessly. The application allowed for the user to transfer files between varied devices like phones, tablets, and even computers. SHAREit uses Direct Wifi connections to send data from one device to another, including files like photos, videos, documents, music, and even installed applications. The application is a cross-platform and helps connect users of windows and iOS both.

Features of SHAREit 4.0.6

The following are some features of the application:


  • The SHAREit application supports all kinds of files that can be shared with other users. Music, video, pictures, pdf, documents, you name it, and it is supported by the application. The application is a single stop solution for the transfer of data from one device to another.
  • The transfer speeds that are offered by the app are exceptional. The app claims to be 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfers. And allows a speed of transfer as high as 20M/s. This facilitates the user with high speed transfer that is hassle-free and cable free.
  • The application serves as one of the major links between the major platform devices. It makes the process of sharing data or media, with another user, of a different platform, simple and strict forward.
  • Above all things the application is free of cost and can be used to so many benefits for the user. This is one of the factors that app owes its popularity to.
  • The application is available for download on Android, iOS and even Windows devices.

How to download SHAREit?

You can get the app simply by clicking on the link you will get below.

Download SHAREit


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