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SHAREitSHAREit, as the name suggests is a sharing application that helps in the transfer of photos, videos, music, contacts apps, and any other files, from one device to another. It uses Wi-Fi connection to send files and folders from one device to another, be it a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablets, SHAREit makes transfers easy and effective. The application is available for both Windows and IOS. Rather than connecting a number of devices to transfer one particular file, SHAREit tries to break this barrier by making transfers easy and simple, with just the help of mutual downloading on two transferable devices.


Features of SHAREit 4.1.82

The following features of SHAREit, make it such a popular and user-friendly application –

1. SHAREit creates a direct wifi connection between the two devices to send files from one folder to the second one. Eliminating the traditional flow of connections with the help of Wi-Fi through router, it creates its own transfer channel.
2. The speed of the application is relatively higher than other transfer procedures, making it easy for transfer of movies and other high memory items.
3. The sharing within the applications is free and there are no additional costs incurred in the application.
4. It is a multiplatform which also gives regular updates on movies and have free movie screenings within the application.

How to download SHAREit 4.1.82?

This is the best application for the transfer of information , be it small or huge, since it is time-saving and user-friendly. It’s time to download the app now! Click the link below to download-

Download SHAREit


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