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SHAREitSHAREit is a file transferring app that allows the transfer of files including photos, videos and apps directly irrespective of the smartphone model. Available for Android, iOS and Windows, this app was developed by Michael Qiu in 2015.

The app boasts of several features that makes it resourceful and a clear favourite among users who spend endless hours waiting for their files to get transferred over Bluetooth.


Features of SHAREit 4.1.95

  • As mentioned earlier, SHAREit is an app that can transfer files across different platforms irrespective of the compatibility of the different devices. So, files can be shared between an Android and Windows phone as easily as it can be shared between two Android phone. File transferring is not just limited to smartphones, users can transfer their files by connecting their desktop or laptop to their phones.
  • All file formats like doc or PDF, music, movies, photos and even apps can be shared via SHAREit.
  • SHAREit is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth and can obtain an optimal speed of 20 Mbps thus, sparing the users those countless waiting hours for their files to transfer.
  • One of the best features of this app is, files can be transferred via a local connection achieved through built in WiFi. This app does not need an internet connection to transfer files.

How to download SHAREit 4.1.95?

SHAREit available in 39 languages is available for download below this article. Click on the given below link to download the app. Open the downloaded file and install it.

Download SHAREit


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