Download SHAREit 4.3.0

SHAREitSHAREit is an application that was initially released in the year 2015. It is a technology company that allows its users to transfer files including photos, music, documents, videos and data directly from one phone to another. Today, SHAREit holds the maximum share in the technical market. It can be operated on Windows, Microsoft, IOS, and Android.

Features of SHAREit 4.3.0

The following features make SHAREit one of the most unique sharing apps,


  • Direct transfer- SHAREit allows direct transfer of files from one phone to another or from a phone to laptop or computer system. Any type of files can be sent by scanning a QR code on the receiver’s phone.
  • Speedy transfer- The files and data sent through SHAREit transfers quickly and easily. The file transfers faster than Bluetooth and NFC methods. A large number of files can be sent at one time.
  • Security- Every user is provided with a QR code for safety purposes. The sender is required to scan the OR code on users device to initiate the process of sending files.
  • Multi-Lingual- SHAREit is multi lingual and can be run in 39 languages. English, French, German, Japanese, etc are few examples of the languages in which the application is accessible.
  • Supports all Formats- It supports almost all the file formats. Apk files, MP3 and MP4 files, Pdf and Doc files can be sent easily through SHAREit.
  • No network Restrictions- Users need not have an internet connection to process the transfer of files. It only requires enabling of the hotspot to search the receiver’s device.

How to download SHAREit 4.3.0?

SHAREit can be downloaded via following link-

Download SHAREit


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