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SHAREitWith the recent increase in the variety of data consumed, there was an increase in the demand for means to share this data. The first such facility was Bluetooth. Technology has long since evolved, so have the tools used to share data. One such tool, which is the number one of its kind, is SHAREit. Released in the year 2015, it was founded by Michael Qui. The name stands for Share Information Technology and the company is based in the US. It allows the users to share all media content, contacts and many other things. The only requirement is that both, the sender and the receiver should have compatible versions of the application. It is supported by android and iOS devices. Recently, a version has been released for windows computers and phones as well, making life all the more convenient.


Features of SHAREit 4.3.7

1. The application is freeware- all features are available for use without any sort of payments.
2. SHAREit does not require the creation of an account, or any sort of registration by the user.
3. the application transfers data by way of WiFi direct. This means, it works on a person to person basis and does not require either user to have a wireless access point. This makes the transfer of data totally secure. It ensures that no unwanted content or viruses are transferred along with the files. Further, it ensures speed.
6. The application is available for all the latest devices and is the number one method to transfer files as of 2018
due to its speed and security.
5. It also offers four utility apps, that help clean and maintain the speed and memory of the device.

How to download SHAREit 4.3.7?

To download this app in your device click below-

Download SHAREit


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