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SHAREitThe recent increase in the types and amount of data consumed by us has led to a wide range of platforms that enable the exchange of this data. The means to do this should have two basic features: should be fast and should be safe. One such platform was developed by Michael Qui, three years ago. Shareit enables two users to exchange media, contacts and a wide range of other things to and from other devices. The only requirement of the application is that both devices should have the application. It has slowly replaced Bluetooth and hard drives like USB and has extremely widespread usage. The full name of the application is Share Information Technology. It belongs to the category of freeware,meaning that users can access all its features free of cost. It is available for all kinds of devices- android, iOS and both, windows phones and computers. 


Features of SHAREit 4.4.0

1. The application, SHAREit is free of cost.
2. It enables users to share a wide range of information.
3. It is the fastest and most popular method these days. It replaced Bluetooth because of the speed, and hard drives due to their tendency to introduce malware and viruses along with the data.
4. The application is available in 39 languages.
5. It uses person to person wifi, which makes it impossible for the information to leak out.
6. The application requires the users to allow the device to download data from unknown sources, as after transfer the data is downloaded using the person to person Wi-Fi.
7. The application also provides the users with some utility apps, like CleanIt, LockIt, and CloneIt.

How to download SHAREit 4.4.0?

Click here.

Download SHAREit



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