Download SHAREit v4.6.6


SHAREit v4.6.6 app allows the users to connect and transfer files to other computers and smartphones. The SHAREit v4.6.6 app is a sharing tool that allows the users to share multimedia files and apps with other devices without the use of any mobile data. More than 600 million users have showed their trust on the SHAREit v4.6.6 app for transferring files. SHAREit v4.6.6 is a cross-platform app. The app allows the users to share files which is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth technology. Using the SHAREit v4.6.6 app, you can share videos, photos, audios and files. You do not need any kind of internet connection when you have the SHAREit v4.6.6 app for transferring files. 

It merely takes 10 seconds to transfer a film from one device to another. The fastest transferring speed can exceed more than 20 Mb/s. You can also use this app for listening to music. The SHAREit v4.6.6 app comes with its own vault. The encryption tool that comes with SHAREit v4.6.6 allows you to protect your privacy. SHAREit v4.6.6 is a cross-platform sharing app. You do not need any cables for transferring files when you have SHAREit v4.6.6. If you want to transfer any file, then SHAREit v4.6.6 is just the right app for you. 

Features of SHAREit v4.6.6

  • Fastest app to transfer your data. 
  • All files can be transferred. 
  • Trending music can be checked. 
  • Best file transfer app. 
  • Works 400 times faster than Bluetooth. 
  • Transfers files without compromising with the quality. 
  • Comes with an in-built video player. 
  • Wallpapers, stickers and gifs can be downloaded. 
  • Supports infinite online videos. 
  • Comes with an elegant music player that has a powerful equalizer. 

Download SHAREit v4.6.6

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”. 
  2. Download SHAREit v4.6.6
  3. Tap on the downloaded file. 
  4. Open it and then tap on “Install”
  5. Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  6. Tap on the app icon to launch SHAREit v4.6.6

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