Failed to open Hotspot on Mi Pad (Fix)

For Mi pad users it is a common problem that whenever they are trying to send any file through SHAREit then they are not able to do so because their devices are unable to establish a hotspot connection.

For SHAREit, both the devices must be connected to the same network in order for the files to be transferred from one device to another as SHAREit makes use of Wi-Fi technology instead of Bluetooth.

However, Xiaomi Mi pad doesn’t have the built-in function to establish a Hotspot connection, and hence you are unable to transfer files between the devices.


This isn’t that big of an issue and there is a simple and easy fix to it. Although your Mi pad won’t be able to establish a hotspot connection, still you will be able to transfer files.

To fix this issue, all you gotta do is tap “Receive” on the sending device and “Send” on the receiving device to connect.

In this way, a hotspot connection will be made on the other device and you can easily connect to that hotspot network from your Mi pad and transfer files afterward.

Some people worry about this being a huge problem, but in reality, it isn’t. There is a simple and easy fix by which you can make the transfers even on your Xiaomi Mi Pad.


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