Failed to open Hotspot on Nexus 7 (Fix)

SHAREit works seamlessly on almost every device and you can make cross-platform and same platform transfer from one device to another in just no time. However, there occurs an error where you are unable to open a Hotspot network on your device and hence the transfer doesn’t happen.

This problem is usually encountered on devices such as Nexus 7 on which when you are trying to send files then you are unable to do so.This is due to the fact that devices like Nexus 7 do not have support for hotspot connections i.e they don’t have built-in hotspot support.


Due to this reason you are unable to create a hotspot connection and send files through your Nexus 7 devices and hence you encounter an error.

The simplest and easiest fix for such errors is that you can tap “Receive” on the sending device and “Send” on the receiving device to connect. In this way, the hotspot connection will be made using the other device and hence you will be able to connect to that hotspot connection and then transfer files afterward.

It is a simple and easy solution. Many people have encountered this error, but this error isn’t that big of an issue and most certainly can be fixed as mentioned above.


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