SHAREit Vault

SHAREit Vault is a special app that is made by the developers of SHAREit that allows you to protect your privacy and secure your photos and videos. This app, SHAREit Vault is available only on iOS.

The application is tiny and doesn’t take much of the space on your iOS device and at the same time it safe, smart and powerful and protects your photos and videos from prying eyes.

SHAREitIt is one of the best and most private apps that allows you to protect your private photos and videos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Features of SHAREit Vault

  • Protect your Privacy
  • Make your Private Photos and Videos safe and secure
  • Visitor mode
  • Import and Export from the Photos app

Once you store your photos in SHAREit Vault, they are 100% private and secure. Your photos are stored only and only on your device. None of your photos are uploaded to any of the servers online and the app developers have no remote access to your photos. Hence your photos are safe and secure and no one will be able to access your photos except you!

You can set up a secure passcode for the vault and next time when you need to access those photos then you will have to provide the passcode in order to access the vault!


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