Unable to find Receivers-SHAREit

Unable to find Receivers (Fix)

Most of the times when users use SHAREit to transfer files between devices then the process goes smoothly and they can easily send and receive files between their devices. However, sometimes users can face an issue where they are unable to find devices around them. If you are unable to find receivers around you then it could be one of the following reasons which may be why you can’t find receivers around you! Continue reading



How to fix SHAREit repeated crashes?

SHAREit is a cross-platform client that allows you to send and receive different types of files between different devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Windows, and Mac. It is one of the most famous apps which are used to send and receives files across different devices and makes the transfer of files easier without any cable or anything else.


However, sometimes while using SHAREit, the app may be crashing for you. Although all of your other apps may be working fine, but SHAREit may be crashing. There is basically nothing wrong with your device or anything else, but it may be crashing repeatedly due to data errors.

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Why is the SHAREit transfer speed so slow?

There could be many reasons why you are having low transfer speed on SHAREit. Generally, SHAREit has a very fast file transfer speed and huge files can be transferred from one device to another in a matter of just a few minutes. Unlike Bluetooth, which takes ages to transfer files, SHAREit transfers files almost instantly as compared to Bluetooth.


However, sometimes you may be having a very low transfer speed even on SHAREit. There could be many reasons behind it. Generally, this doesn’t happen as SHAREit uses the latest technology to transfer files, but if you are facing such problem then it could be one of these reasons why you are having a low transfer speed. Continue reading