Unable to find Receivers (Fix)

Most of the times when users use SHAREit to transfer files between devices then the process goes smoothly and they can easily send and receive files between their devices. However, sometimes users can face an issue where they are unable to find devices around them. If you are unable to find receivers around you then it could be one of the following reasons which may be why you can’t find receivers around you!

Unable to find Receivers-SHAREitWi-Fi Working Properly

Firstly, make sure that the Wi-Fi network of the sender’s device is working properly and functional¬†and able to scan the signals of Wi-Fi networks nearby. It may be that the Wi-Fi isn’t working properly due to which you are unable to receive the signals from other devices.



Verify that the hotspot has been set up properly on the receiver’s deceive and both the devices are connected to the same network.

Cleaning up background apps

Sometimes it may be that any app may be interfering with the transfer due to which you are unable to receive any signals. It is suggested that you close all the background apps if you are facing this problem.

Switching Roles

Try switching roles of both the devices and make the Sender device Receiver by tapping on Receive instead of Send and vice versa.

Prefer Wi-Fi Mode

It may be that on Receiver’s device, Prefer Wi-Fi Mode may be on due to which the problem may occur. To fix this;

  • Make sure that both the Sender and Receiver devices are connected to the same network.
  • Prefer Wi-Fi Mode is turned Off. (SHAREit > Menu > Settings > Prefer Wi-FI Mode)