What is Share Zone and how to Add Files to it?

No doubt that SHAREit is one of the best apps out there that allow you to send and receive between same platforms or different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and PC. Due to its popularity and its growing number of users, SHAREit has been updating their app and adding new features such as SHAREit WebShare and SHAREit Vault.

Another such feature that was added by SHAREit in its app is Share Zone. Many people don’t know about Share Zone and what it does and how is it useful to users.

Share Zone is a new feature in SHAREit app that allows you to add your Videos, Music, and Apps to the Share Zone. You can put your favorite Videos, Apps, and Music to the Share Zone and once you are connected with your friends via SHAREit, you can easily share them with your friend.


To make it even simpler, Share Zone is a special zone where you can add videos, music, and apps from your device and once you are connected with your friends through SHAREit, they will be able to access those Videos, Music, and Apps.

How to add files to Share Zone?

To add files(Videos, Music, and Apps) to Share Zone, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the SHAREit app on your device.
  2. Once launched, tap on the three dots on the upper left-hand corner of the screen(besides your avatar).
  3. Now tap on Share Zone.
  4. Tap on Add.
  5. Now select and add various Videos, Music, and Apps of your likings that you want to share.
  6. Once selected, tap on Add.Share Zone
  7. The selected files will now be added to Share Zone and your friends will easily be able to access those files once they connect to your device via SHAREit.


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