Why can’t I Activate Hotspot?

SHAREit allows you to send and receive files from device to another by using a Wi-Fi network. Instead of the old method of sending files through Bluetooth and transferring through cables to PC and then to the other device, SHAREit uses Wi-Fi network which transfers files at a speed about 200 times that of Bluetooth. So, very huge files can be sent from one device to another in just a few moments.

The main thing required to send files through SHAREit is that both of the devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and to make everything easy, SHAREit makes the use of Hotspot and creates a Hotspot connection to which both of the can connect and files can be transferred.

Why can’t I Activate Hotspot?

Unfortunately, due to some reasons, some devices are unable to activate hotspot on their device. It can be due to one of the following reasons.


Incompatibility Issues

Due to some incompatibility issues, for some devices, it can take longer than usual to activate hotspot. In such cases, restart SHAREit on both the devices and try again!

Wi-Fi Permission

This can also be due to the fact that SHAREit has not been given the permissions for Wi-Fi connection on the device. This usually occurs on Xiaomi devices. Read about How to Configure Xiaomi Security Center for SHAREit.

Incompatible Devices

Some devices such as Nexus 7, Mi Pad and several others do not have the support for hotspot connection. In these cases, they won’t be able to create a hotspot connection and you will have to create a hotspot connection on the other device and then connect to that network on these devices.


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