Why can’t I find received music in iTunes?

SHAREit is a software application which is used to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps, and any other files. The SHAREit application lets Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly.

The SHAREit application works on secure connection protocol and has transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth. The other method for file transferring is either through Bluetooth, NFC, or USB drives. Looking at the unsafe protocol offered by USB drives, and slow speed of Bluetooth, applications like SHAREit were developed, based on Wi-Fi Direct methods.


When you transfer Music from any other device to your iOS device then you generally won’t find the received music inside the iTunes Music App instead you will find it only in the SHAREit Music Player. This is because Apple doesn’t allow it.

Why can’t I find received music on iTunes?

Apple has very strict policies in such cases and same is the case here. It doesn’t allow you to transfer the received Music files through SHAREit to iTunes. You won’t be able to receive music on iTunes from SHAREit, because it is not allowed by Apple. You can only enjoy the received Music through SHAREit media player but you can’t transfer that music to iTunes.


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