Why is the SHAREit transfer speed so slow?

There could be many reasons why you are having low transfer speed on SHAREit. Generally, SHAREit has a very fast file transfer speed and huge files can be transferred from one device to another in a matter of just a few minutes. Unlike Bluetooth, which takes ages to transfer files, SHAREit transfers files almost instantly as compared to Bluetooth.

However, sometimes you may be having a very low transfer speed even on SHAREit. There could be many reasons behind it. Generally, this doesn’t happen as SHAREit uses the latest technology to transfer files, but if you are facing such problem then it could be one of these reasons why you are having a low transfer speed.


SHAREit-Low-Transfer-SpeedDistance between devices

One of the common reasons why you are having a low transfer speed is that the distance between the device is great. Due to this, the signals could be weak and SHAREit would be having difficulty in transferring the files.

Therefore, it is recommended that you shorten the distance between the devices to increase the transfer speed.

Too many Wi-Fi Signals

Another reason why you could be having a low transfer speed is that there are too many devices in the area that are emitting Wi-Fi signals. The place may be very much crowded and due to a large number of Wi-Fi signals, they interfere with transfer resulting in low transfer speed.

Many Apps in the Background

It could be that on either of the device, there are many apps connected to the Wi-Fi and using it. All of those apps are using the Wi-Fi which may result in low transfer speed.  You can, therefore, clean up the device’s system so, a minimum number of apps are using the Wi-Fi.


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